Can the Indian football team qualify for the World Cup 2022 if they win the AFC Asia Cup UAE 2019?

Ask QuestionCan the Indian football team qualify for the World Cup 2022 if they win the AFC Asia Cup UAE 2019?
Sukjeet asked 3 months ago

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Suraj78 answered 3 months ago

They could qualify for the 2022 World Cup, but it wouldn’t be by virtue of winning the Asian Cup.
If India were to win the Asian Cup it would improve their FIFA ranking, but they’d still need to go through the qualifying stages in order to even reach the World Cup finals.
The Asian Football Confederation (AFC) has 4.5 places at the World Cup up for grabs, with 46 nations trying to get them. 4 of those positions will be through the Qualifying Rounds, and the “0.5” is because of a playoff. I’m not including Qatar in the above statistics as they’ve already qualified.
India don’t have a good record at international tournaments. They’ve not qualified for the World Cup to date, and 2019 is only the 4th AFC Asian Cup they’ve qualified for.
Their best result in the AFC Asian Cup was back in 1964 when they finished 2nd. That was a rather anomalous tournament, however, as out of the 4 nations to qualify took part – India, Israel, Hong Kong, and South Korea – only Hong Kong actually played any games to qualify as 11 nations (of 18) withdrew.
In 1984 and 2011 India went out in the 1st Round, failing to win a single match each time.
In qualifying for the 2019 edition, India beat Nepal over 2 legs in the 1st Round, but finished bottom of their Group in the 2nd Round, winning only 1 of their 8 matches.
They then had to go through a play-off. They beat Laos in the 1st Round to progress to the 3rd Round. Sound odd, I know, but that’s how it worked.
The 3rd Round went better as they topped their group with 4 wins, 1 draw, and 1 defeat. Their group contained Kyrgyzstan, Macau, and Myanmar. This put them in the draw for the 2019 AFC Asian Cup.
But, long story short, nobody will qualify for the World Cup by winning the AFC Asian Cup.

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