Djokovic v Pouille: Djokovic aiming to foil Pouille attack

Djokovic v Pouille

Djokovic v Pouille: It’s day 12 of Australian Open 2019 and there is one place up for grabs in the men’s final.

On Friday evening, world No.1 and six-time champion Novak Djokovic takes on Frenchman Lucas Pouille – Game Insight Group in partnership with Infosys have run the numbers from their opening five matches.

Djokovic v Pouille

Points of interest

  • Their AO records prior to 2019 couldn’t provide a starker contrast – Djokovic has routinely gone deepwhile Pouille had never won a previous main draw match.
  • Pouille has spent 271 minutes more time on court but both players have done a similar amount of work (Djokovic: 14,956 KJ v Pouille: 15,230 KJ). Fatigue won’t be a factor for Djokovic but will it be for Pouille?
  • On paper, the two players are evenly matched for serve and groundstroke speed but Pouille has hit almost double the number of winners (295) as Djokovic (148). Even allowing for the Nishikori retirement and Pouille’s longer time on court, the difference in style is clear.
  • Pouille will be looking to steal time and space as reflected in his rally impact position, which is70cm further into the court than Djokovic’s.

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